What Is Dukan Masr ?

Dukan Masr  is a E-commerce website specialized in leather products, and our experience in the leather for More Than 70 years helps us in this.

Our Company Is In Bab al-Sharia – Cairo – Egypt.

Why Dukan Masr ?

Dukan Masr website helps you in facilitating the purchase of the product with more ease, high quality and more guarantee.

Why did We Choose leather?

Leather is a raw material that Allah has endowed us with. It is one of the oldest professions and industries that humans have used throughout history. People have been able to use animal skin to make things that benefit them such as: leather shoes, leather belts, leather wallets, furniture and many other things. But recently, negligence occurred in the tanneries, which is an important source of leather in Egypt and the poor quality of leather products, as it led to the import of leather from abroad and the weakness of the Egyptian industry. Where Egypt was in the era of the Pharaohs one of the strongest countries in the past in tanning leather and leather was very durable and when it was found in modern times it found a good condition while it was dating back more than three hundred years, which led to the amazement of scientists from the genius of the pharaohs. But our goal is that we are trying to revive the Egyptian leather goods industry again. We here in  want to benefit people in our great experience in the field of leather, which has more than 70 years of experience.

For Our products

In Dukan Masr, we offer you valuable leather products. As the leather product has a special elegance and appeal and draws the attention of others around you. We choose different Egyptian factories that have a great experience in making leather products such as:

Leather shoes, leather belts, leather Wallets, leather bags and sport shoes, including leather and non-leather.